Anime Reviews

Anime Reviews are the main stuff that this blog is centered around.  After 2013, I only have reviews that center around the current season airing, only taking a small snippet of the seasonal list because at this point there’s too much anime to watch, and I’m only human.  Seasonal lists vary as well, so there may be shows that were extremely popular at the time of airing, dark horses that were good and had less attention drawn to them, or absolutely garbage shows that no one should watch because as a society we should have standards on the kinds of things we watch.

Each yearly list consists of the shows I watched during said year, as well as my recommendation to watch depending on who’s asking.  (Ex. “Recommended for General Audiences” are shows I believe are good enough that anyone who isn’t normally interested in anime would find enjoyment in, and “For Casual Viewing” are shows I believe are for audiences who don’t want something they really need to sink their teeth into to enjoy.)  So depending the kind of person you are, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something within my past years that’ll suit your fancy.

Reviews are also split into various ‘sections’, focusing on: Story, Characters, ‘Aesthetics’ (Art and Sound), as well as my Personal Enjoyment or Final Thoughts on the show as a whole.  There’s quite a lot of variance in the structure between the years, but the formula’s basically the same, and made into the smaller sections for easier reading digest-ability without crowding your screen too much.  There’re also links to the a show’s OP, ED, or tracks in the OST, so if you’re up for it, click on the link for a listen.

Anyway that’s all I’ve got for this quick tutorial on how the reviews are.  Thanks for stopping by!