Hataraku Saibou!! Review

I think we’re really stretching what constitutes as a ‘season’ now. Like…it’s usually supposed to be 12 or 13 episodes. We’ve established this. This has nothing to do with how it impacts the quality or anything else with the storytelling, but rather a PSA on the fact that it seems like the definition of ‘season’ now is ‘whatever the showrunners want it to be’. I guess.

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P.A. Works: My Favorite and Least Favorite Studio

There’s no easy way to start this given how much P.A. Works as a company has influenced me in this medium.  They’re a unique studio, a studio who’ve taken on quite literally whatever project they want to tackle.  If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate original anime.  But my love for their projects has also served as an unfortunate double-edged sword.

Warning: Story spoilers for various P.A. Works shows from 2010 onwards.

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