Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (Anime Short) Review

“Hey kids, you ever wanted to screw that one hot teacher you had in middle/high school?”  That’s the easiest way I can explain this show in a nutshell, and I’m sticking with it.


nande_koko_sensei_01_01“Why the hell are you here Sensei!?” takes not just a page, but the whole damn textbook of To Love Ru’s signature ‘Rito Physics’ and applies that here.  Following the story of 4 high school youths, the show creates its couples and romance through various lewd encounters, ultimately resulting in the ‘unlikely’ teacher and student duo becoming a couple by the end of their roughly three episode romp.

Each episode follows the same formula.  Student is in a completely normal setting (at least normal by school anime standards), promptly sees their teacher involved in said situation, interactions ensue, some act of God causes them to fall into a literally impossible situation involving skinship, student either slips up or mistakes things like nipples as something else, teacher does some form of climax, resolve plus flag raised.  Rinse and repeat that twice an episode with the occasional confession some time after three or so episodes.

PSzSLtdTo say this show is shallow beyond obvious fanservice is an understatement, but honestly, there’s nothing else to really say.  Each episode’s only twelve minutes long split into six minute halves, and it’s pretty much just a copy and paste plot with the only difference being who they are and how they’re being lewded.  And that’s it; there’s really nothing else to say about this thing.  It’s such a boring watch that when the only ‘good’ parts of the show get censored, what’s left to say?


1549810714-2a01481569e92f78e7ec7de24e033e4aYou got the ‘normal’ guy and the ‘demon teacher’, the intimidating teddy bear and the legal ‘oppai loli’, the shota and pushy gym teacher, and the desperate one with his kuudere.  Their traits aren’t all that interesting as characters, and really only serve as framework for the series to use as a means to get these people to get together through various means and personality clashes.

There are however a few upsides to this cast that I will give it.  One, the characters do ultimately becomes couples, something that so many romance don’t do that it’s weirdly refreshing despite the method of getting there.  Two, the characters are all weirdly familiar with the stance that everyone is taking by dating their teacher (especially since they’re all friends), and it’s actually kind of amusing seeing the four male leads just sit in a room and talk about how cool they are with the whole situation.


aPYdbvw_700bThere’s not much to say about the artwork in all honesty.  tear-studio is a relatively small studio with very few things in its resume to begin with, so I wasn’t expecting anything amazing for the art.  For the most part, the art is standard, but falters commonly due to a lack of consistency for the male cast.  The female cast fares better, but ultimately there’s nothing really to note about the art.

I’m also genuinely confused why they even bothered to put this series up for TV broadcast.  Because of the source material, at least half of the show is covered up to the point that at several points, all you’re seeing is a giant pastie saying “No” with barely sections of the corners giving you enough detail to make out what’s happening.  As such, it’s actually kinda hard to evaluate the visual style of the series because writing this, the censored version is all I have to work with.

I’m not really a fan of either of the tracks we’re presented with, though I’m pretty sure they’re just there for the sake of giving the show a bit more oomph to it.  Sumire Uesaka’s Bon “♡Kyu♡Bon wa Kare no Mono♡” is a song that exemplifies the ‘cutely’ lewd nature the show exudes with each version of the OP having a silhouette of the current female to give the audience I guess a warning as to who we’re talking about.  “Ringo-iro Memories” follows this trend by also having four versions, each sung by the VA of the female lead to I guess cap off the episode.  Not really a fan since it’s a song without substance, but oh well I guess.

Personal Enjoyment:

E8LrfxK.jpgWant some hentai that’s not hentai?  Fuck, do I have the show for you.  I can say (unfortunately) with confidence that the show is on the ball with the source material, but that’s about all the credit I can give this series.  It’s such blatant fanservice for the sake of giving the men in the audience stiffies that I’m not even surprised at this point why series’ like these get the adaptations they do.

I’m honestly just glad the show’s finished because now I don’t have to look at this series anymore.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this bored watching porn or anything remotely sexual, and that is saying something considering it usually entices some kind of emotion out of me whether that be surprise or anger.  You can probably take any episode from the series at random, and you’ve basically seen the whole show.  So really my recommendation is for even hentai reasons, skip it, at least until the blu-rays come out.  Just generally speaking, there are better hentai that are more entertaining than this show that exist.

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