Violet Evergarden Review

The ‘Double Entendre’ is a figure of speech that’s used to be understood in two ways; one obvious, and one hidden or harder to figure out.  While simple, words can be twisted in ways to have more to them like the double entendre, resulting in things like pieces of literature and the review you’re currently reading.  Admittedly, Violet Evergarden is kind of like a double entendre, so I’m gonna be sticking with that analogy going forward. Continue reading “Violet Evergarden Review”

3-gatsu no Lion Season 2 Review

There’s something special to said about a show that gives you not only sympathy for the characters, but also a torrent of emotions and feelings when watching.  Despite its cult-like status as a hidden gem that doesn’t get talked about, Shaft was still managed to create a worthy sequel of the story of Rei Kiriyama.  (Honestly, the analytics are kind of boring, so I’d suggest you just skip to the ‘Personal Enjoyment’ section.)

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