Hakumei to Mikochi Review

Slice of Life.  As a genre, it’s become so oversaturated with content that it’s branched off into comedy, supernatural, romance, what have you, causing the trend of missing a few diamonds in the rough here and there is a common occurrence.  Hakumei to Mikochi is in this reviewer’s opinion, the poor victim of this phenomenon in the Winter 2018 season, and one that deserves light being shed on its deceivingly cutesy self. Continue reading “Hakumei to Mikochi Review”

Gakuen Babysitters Review

A trend I find with children in anime is that they’re always painted ‘cute’.  Small human beings surrounded by glittery and sparkly effects who do cute things so that the audience falls in love with the tiny people characters.  It’s not often that I see children portrayed as what they actually are, monsters, and it’s even stranger to see a more realistic representation portrayed in a shoujo series of all things, a genre where virtually everything is depicted a lot more flowery than they actually are. Continue reading “Gakuen Babysitters Review”

Mahoutsukai no Yome Review

The concept of magic and its similar fantastical themes in the realm of anime have ended up turning into worlds with stats and RPG elements due to the constant stream and popularity of Isekai shows clogging up seasonal lists with various titles of the same type with small gimmicks in between each other to make them ‘unique’.  But recently we’ve entered into a renaissance of series’ involving magic as part of nature, venturing back to the roots of where the concept first originated; folklore. Continue reading “Mahoutsukai no Yome Review”