Gamers! Review

The stereotypical gamer is an anti-social closet hermit who obsesses over leveling up their avatars and staying far away from social activity as much as possible.  To poke fun at this stereotypical concept, we have Gamers!, a show supposedly about gamers and the kind of comedy that happens when they’re put in a romcom situation. Continue reading “Gamers! Review”

New Game!! Review

So New Game! made a splash with its cute cast of gaming grill nerds dedicating its entire runtime to making games combined with various antics in the office cause quirkiness is a staple for this kind of show to keep things interesting.  To no one’s surprise, we got a sequel.  So…how’s the sequel, I guess is the question.  (Missed opportunity not calling it ‘New Game+’.) Continue reading “New Game!! Review”

Kakegurui Review

Gambling is easy.  Put your life savings on the table, play a game of your choice, and come out either richer or much poorer than you were when you came in.  That’s all good and all, but you want more, something to satisfy the gambling craving that you’ve grown accustomed to.  So put on your big anime tiddies, brush back your long black hair, slap a metal ring on your left thumb, and prepare to ahegao, it’s Kakegurui. Continue reading “Kakegurui Review”

Koi to Uso Review

You walk to your boring, mundane job with your head down thinking it’s just going to be a normal workday where nothing happens.  On your way to work, you pass by this beautiful, stunning girl that catches your eye.  Without word or warning, you run to her, heart beating, wanting to see or know more about this strange maiden that you just happened to go by.  That…is love.  Or rather, that’s a common, idealistic idea of ‘love’.  Continue reading “Koi to Uso Review”

Hajimete no Gal Review

For the most part, romance in anime centers around the build-up to the relationship and not the relationship itself.  While examples of stories revolving around established couples exist, the common way to write romance involves making the audience wait for the confession/kiss before ending things when things get good.  So…what happens when you put an established couple…in a harem comedy?   Continue reading “Hajimete no Gal Review”