Kuzu no Honkai Review

Love is a fickle thing. Almost if not everyone yearns for true love, to find that one person who loves them unconditionally and through thick and thin, and will stay with them no matter what hardships may come. But life isn’t as easy as that. In reality, something as simple as loving someone is…complicated, full of heartbreaks and unexpected turns that almost never have a happy ending. Continue reading “Kuzu no Honkai Review”

Akiba’s Trip The Animation Review

The beautiful thing about comedy is that it’s subjective. It’s an extremely wide topic where there’re a multitude of ways to go about it, with the main goal being getting those watching or listening to laugh at the end. So, how does one go about making the ridiculous plot of stripping off peoples’ clothes entertaining? Well, by shoving in references of course. Continue reading “Akiba’s Trip The Animation Review”

Sousei no Omnyouji Review

The word ‘adaptation’ for anime has quite a flexible definition. Most often, the term ‘adaptation’ means that the production company takes the source material and tries their best to make a carbon copy of the series that they decided to make in animated form. But at the same time, the word ‘adaptation’ can mean “based on” the original source material, and have their own anime-original plots and endings that contradict what the original series may have entailed. Twinstar Exorcists, or Sousei no Omnyouji is an example of the latter. Continue reading “Sousei no Omnyouji Review”

Hand Shakers Review

Anime originals. Creating original anime has the crippling fault of being the only source in existence, meaning, if the anime doesn’t fulfill everything it needs to do in order to complete a story by its own merits, it can and will fail stupendously because the story will have nothing else to fall back on should the anime fail. So, with a name as ridiculous as ‘Hand Shakers’, it’s not hard to see how GoHand’s (how fitting) original show flopped so hard. Continue reading “Hand Shakers Review”

Gabriel Dropout Review

Angels have been known as servants of God, creatures who reside in the heavens and watch over those in earth to help pass judgment of those created in God’s eye. Demons are those who live in Hell, and attempt to make people fall to temptation, and subsequently bring them down into the fiery pits of Damnation. Despite having both of those creatures as its main four characters, Gabriel Dropout has nothing to do with what I described. Continue reading “Gabriel Dropout Review”

Masamune-kun no Revenge Review

Romance in anime is a laborious task. The standard plotline for romance anime is to make the ending of the entire series the confession where the two main characters get together with the entire runtime being a slog up to that point with the majority of it being the classic will they/won’t they push/pull action that gets cumbersome and tiring after it has been done over and over again. So, does Masamune-kun’s Revenge break that mold? If I’m being honest here…kind of? Continue reading “Masamune-kun no Revenge Review”

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Review

Ah, Konosuba. The fantasy RPG parody that swept the anime community by storm with its bizarre mix of problematic characters and real world cruelty put in a fantasy setting ushered in a new thing for those in the anime community to fawn over. Many were swayed into the cult of explosions, and no one still likes Aqua. So it was natural that a second season would be coming in order to keep the hype train rolling. Though shorter, how does season two compare with its season one predecessor? Um…well… Continue reading “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Review”