Aria the Avvenire Review

About 10 years ago from the time of this review, the world was given the gift that was Aria, a series about the little miracles in life and to appreciate the gift of others. With Origination finishing up the main series back in 2008, we never expected there to be any more and that the story would just be washed away with that gentle little end. But here we are years later with the true and final installment of the Aria series: Aria the Avvenire. Continue reading “Aria the Avvenire Review”

Shounen Maid Review

Believe me, neither I nor Chihiro are thrilled at the fact that this show is literally translated as ‘Boy Maid’.  But, underneath the seemingly comical (and borderline creepy) exterior, we get a show from 8bit that despite their rather mediocre track record, is a heartfelt comedy that is really more than meets the eye. Continue reading “Shounen Maid Review”