Dog Days’ Review

With the new season of Winter 2015 fast approaching, I thought to myself, hey, why not catch up on this quaint little series and the joy that it holds? And so, with the totally unoriginal title, here’s a review of Dog Days Dash. (I assume the next one will be called Dog Days Dash Dash or something like that.) Continue reading “Dog Days’ Review”

Grisaia no Kajitsu Review

Visual novel adaptations (particularly galge adaptations) have always been a bit of a hit or miss whenever they get animated. In some cases, we have some shows that end up to be great successes such as some of Key’s works. But sometimes, we have adaptations that don’t come out as much of a success. And then we have Grisaia no Kajitsu, which can be best described as a mix of the two. Continue reading “Grisaia no Kajitsu Review”