Himegoto (Anime Short) Review

Alright, don’t ask why I watched this cause honestly, I cannot give you an answer in any way shape or form.  It was a short, it wasn’t something that a lot of people were gonna watch anyway, and it just appeared on my list.  


029047a8362ecaf338f2d91ae4b98aa39eda3edd_hqThe show revolves around the life of a boy named “Hime” (No, not kidding, his name actually is Princess) who gets some random debt paid off by members of the student council. And so, as repayment for saving him from creepy debt collectors, Hime is forced to become part of the student council and do student council duties while cross-dressing.

Each episode really just boils down to putting our main “heroine” into random situations that would seem funny due to the fact that our main character is a trap and forced to do things like buying female undergarments or cheerleading. Beyond that, there’s nothing that you’ll REALLY get out of this aside from a bunch of “my penis is confused” moments.

Despite that, I do have to thank the show for at least owning up to the joke. It’s a gender bender that KNOWS it’s a gender bender and doesn’t hide the fact in any way, shape or form. Does this mean it’s a good show? Well, it’s entertaining for sure, but I wouldn’t consider it beyond just something to waste an hour on.

+ Traps…I guess?


11021c060d283ba724b3ff65c312d675917113d4_hqAside from Hime, who is the main victim of the show, being forced to cross dress on a daily basis, we have the three student council girls Unko, Albertina, and 18+ (I am not kidding. 18+ is actually the girl’s name). Beyond them we have the stereotypical “student Disciplinary committee” which consists of Hime’s brother, someone named #1 (seriously, who named these characters?) a maid, and the president of the committee. None of these characters really get any development and are the way they are presented for the whole of the show. It’s not bad by any means, but it doesn’t make them completely memorable.

There is however the interesting ‘quirk’ of every character except for the three student council girls being traps.  Literally, every other character is is cross dressing and it’s both hilarious and unsettling.  A novelty for sure, but that’s about the best compliment that I can give it since the term ‘more than meets the eye’ has never been more relevant.

+/- “Interesting” trait to put on most characters
– Forgettable character personalities

Art and Sound:

THP3d05SFhdRvLOKLs2gqUFz0THCvIe10gufubJGDV2XdWQOGjgCmk-Xv-oy3g6MjyWC-xX_9yfVcxn4V0UhiN6rEei-03lOQWU0LyCeQjKeDHwN--rZvgZl6dt87AFaJRi-eDgPnDCVjMRBceTAMA.jpgThe show just looks average. There’s nothing really noteworthy that stands out to me in terms of “this looks amazing”.  It’s got comic stylings, and that’s all it really needs.  However, the art does go above what I originally expected to really let you know everyone’s a trap. You know the normal panty shots that you see in a normal ecchi anime?

And for music, the tracks for the show are nothing special. They’re generic and actually somewhat catchy, but they’re not tracks I consider to be out of this world and worth a listen to beyond the taste you are given in the anime.

+/- Decent art
+/- Average music

Personal Enjoyment:

1023883-0-q80.jpgTo be honest, I don’t even know what I was thinking when I put this on my list. I guess I thought to myself, hey, this shouldn’t be so bad, right?  Himegoto is shameless to present itself as ‘The Trap Show’. It doesn’t shy away from that idea which I actually find quite commendable. However, as a side effect of that, it leads to some very…uncomfortable moments as the positive of the show showing what it actually is no holds barred, is a double-edged sword.

Did I like this show?

To be honest, kinda. Don’t get me wrong here, I would NEVER watch this show again, but for a four minute run-time, it did give me a lot to think about.  Mostly about things I don’t ever want to think about again.

What didn’t I like about this show?

ba1c7a855a4e79df4bc17089eade4c481411857327_fullHonestly, there really isn’t any actual complaints about this show that I have. For a short, there weren’t many flaws as it really just wanted to be a short bit of fun and present that to the viewer. Of course it did have moments where it went a bit overboard for my taste, but there really isn’t much to say as to why I didn’t like this show in the grand scheme of things.

Would I recommend this to anyone?

Well, that’s a toughie. If you really want to kill about an hour of your time, and you don’t mind whatever horrors await, go ahead and watch this. Himegoto really is just a piece of anime fluff that stays true to what’s on the box. If you can handle what it presents to you, you may get a laugh or two out of this show. (I certainly did)  It’s certainly fun on how it’s JUST about traps, and overall, if you just want to have a bit of mindless fun, check this show out.

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