Kanokon Review

Don’t ask, I seriously have no clue why I watched this. Kanokon is just one of those things that I read the manga for, found out it had an anime adaptation, then proceeded to watch that adaptation with complete disregard to the material that it was based on.  Suffice to say, the result was not THAT pleasant.


Kouta, our main protagonist has been thrown into this world of Youkai where a girl by the name of Chizuru has confessed her love for him while at the same time, revealing that she is a fox youkai. After some damage to the school, he is thrown into a new life where he must now deal with the threat of Youkai, and the girl that is now at his side. Ayako_Kanokon_-_05_704x396H26449955

For starters, that synopsis is pretty accurate to both the light novels and manga, but not the anime. For this anime adaptation, the story is absolute shite. Not only does this anime not follow the story, it diverts into a different path completely. What the anime focuses on for basically the entire show are side stories. Practically every episode is a different story altogether, leading up to a quite unsatisfying ending that was very cliche to watch.

Another major problem stems from the fact that little to no things are explained. Unless you have read a good chunk of the manga or light novels, you probably will not understand what exactly is going on in the series, or even who the characters are. The anime does such a terrible job explaining who side characters in the story are, and as a result are people whose names you’re very likely to forget when thinking back to what happened.

kanokon004As a cohesive story, this anime is a complete and utter mess.  Almost every episode is a completely different thing, and most of the actual anime is focused on ecchi material rather than an actual story. However when described as an episodic anime…well, it’s still not very good even if thought of that way, but it makes it sound a tad bit better.

– Unexplained plot
– Terrible story cohesion
– Mostly side stories rather than actual plot


While the story was bad, the characters…aren’t much better in comparison. But they have something going for them I suppose…

Kouta Oyamada is our main protagonist in the series.  Looking like a grade schooler, this guy gets pretty much no character beyond what you are given in the first episode. Watch him cringe, watch him run away, watch him struggle to breathe under Chizuru’s gigantic DD mammaries! (That happens in every episode BTW.) I guess what he has really going for him in terms of character development is getting a bit more perverted…but regardless, he’s not really that good or interesting of a character.

DAxhMOFXcAAnhm7Chizuru Minamoto is the main female protagonist in the series. To put it short, she basically spends the entirety of the series thirsting after a shouta to put his seed inside of her.  In every episode she shows that she has no shame in her body, shoves Kouta’s face in between her breasts, and gets pissed whenever nothing happens the way she wants to. (I.E. everyone cockblocking her) Apart from that, she rarely shows her youkai self in the anime to the point that the anime didn’t really feel like a show about animal spirits and demons but rather, a generic, poorly written slice of life.

And finally, Nozomu Ezomori. One word, cockblocker. Without a doubt, this wolf girl’s only purpose in this anime is to get in between the non-existent romance that tries to exist. While emotionless and basically eating as much meat as she can fit in her mouth. (Dear lord, I disappoint myself.) There’s not really much to her, at all.

Kanokon-Episode-3Every other character from Chizuru’s brother Tayura, the class rep Asahina, and the various “antagonists” (I use that word lightly) that show up and disappear from existence, are all not very detailed, and are more or less single trait garbage. Many characters in this show have little explanation for their existence in the show, and overall, feel pointless to add to begin with.

– Side characters that felt randomly put in
– One note characters

Art and Sound:

While the story and characters aren’t incredibly well done, the art is somewhat decent.

The art, while mostly moe style, actually looks rather nice from its 2008 time period. The characters look rather well drawn, nothing looked very jarring in terms of animation, and the overall style of it looked rather pleasing. f899ced7966ff38eb6e8b92f814509245bc28566_hq

On the topic of art, we have to talk about the fanservice as well. For a good large chunk of the series, you will see Chizuru topless to say the least. The fanservice takes a large chunk of every episode and depending on what your view of fanservice is, you may or may not want to even begin the show. Everything from panty shots, to seemingly impossible breast physics, to bathing and just baring it all, this series goes above and beyond with its fanservice. (They do show nipple, so I guess that’s an upside.)

For music, well, it’s not terrible…but it’s not one of those good stuck in your head songs. Personally, I never bothered to listen to the tracks after the first episode of knowing what they sound like.

+/- Moe style artwork. (This of course depends on your view of moe.)
+/- Quite heavy amounts of fanservice. (This as well, depends on your view of fanservice.)
+/- Decent sounding music.

Personal Enjoyment:

Kanokon-Episode-4I am personally a fan of mythology based shows, especially ones about fox spirits or the ever so well-known nine-tailed fox. (Naruto doesn’t count.) For Kanokon, well, I have mixed feelings about it.

Did I enjoy it? 
Well, yes, to a certain extent. I’ve become very jaded to fanservice, so the idea of seeing breasts shoved into one guy’s face was nothing new to me. I also love the idea of fox animal girls, so that sort of made me continue watching it, even if that character trait was hardly used to begin with.

Was it a good show? 
Well, no. It was terrible. The plot and the characters were terribly executed and did not make itself into a good show. Many plot holes existed in the show, as it focused way too much of fanservice rather than any actual proper plot.

Was it unwatchable? 
Well, not necessarily. If you’re a fan, or don’t mind bad plot or fanservice, than this show is fine to watch. Personally, I wasn’t turned away by it, so I was able to watch it the full way through.

Would I recommend you to watch it?
Well, that depends. If you don’t mind fanservice, go ahead. But if you do mind, than I would suggest you look elsewhere.


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