Yonhyakunijuu Renpai Girl……..Review?

This is merely a reaction to the short, and is in no way shape or form a review.
(Yes, this is technically a ‘Review’ that I made.  Am I proud of it?  Yes.)

Ok, first off, I want to know, why isn’t this a thing?  Honestly, why isn’t this a thing?! As a personal lover of harem, comedy, and romance shows in general, finding this was a joy to say in the least. The idea itself seems interesting enough to pull off a half-decent moe fluff show, video-promocional-de-yonhyaku-niju-renpai-girland it already has quite a bit of light novel content to do at least maybe a 10-12 episode anime off of it. (I mean, 5 volumes. You can make something off of five volumes.)

The animation for it looks nice as a different approach for studio trigger, the voices seem to be rather good for the roles they were put in, and I feel like there’s already somewhat of a fanbase existing for this to be an anime. So please, I will ask once again, why isn’t this a thing? If you can, make this into an anime. Please, I’m running out of good comedy/harem shows.


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