FlCL, Furi Kuri, Fooly Cooly.  However you say its freaking title, this is a show that truly deserves the “What the fuck did I just watch?” phrase after watching its 6 episode run.  So with all that fuckery in mind, onto the review!


Now, where do I begin? No seriously. Where? To put it short, FLCL has almost no cohesive storyline. Sure, there’re some bits and parts here and there, but honestly, the plot is so out there that it’s virtually impossible to find a proper cohesive story.

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_egl3xmkwvnk0kw0gw4s0wg8s_640Each episode of its 6 episode run is basically a plot in and of itself, with mini plots in each episode inside of it, to act like separate acts within the episode itself.  Though the plot itself is “random” in every sense of the word (down to the letters), there’s nothing actually bad about it. FLCL was meant to be random down the very last second.  I’d give a detailed explanation as to what I actually watched, but we’d be here all day.


1d969c1d-sFirst is Haruko Haruhara. (Try saying that 5 times fast). As stated early on in the series, “I’m an alien.” Yeah. Haruko is the heart of this show, as she provides most of its random features such as: running people over with her vespa, hitting people on the head with her bass guitar, playing baseball, and overall being a complete  lunatic that needs to be put in a mental hospital with a straitjacket made of steel for the rest of her natural life. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

Next, is what would be considered as the boring character, Naota. Naota is a middle schooler who just says that he has a normal life and nothing exciting ever happens. EVER. He thinks he’s an adult and more mature then everyone else, and has this sort of mentality for the majority of the series. I can’t really say much more about him due to just how confused I was when watching this.flcl_amarao0007

Other then these 2 wonderfully strange characters, we have just an equally strange and weird supporting cast involving a guy that everyone comments on his eyebrows, the robot, the strange homeless girl with a weird sense of religion, and Naota’s insane dad with a love for Haruko, etc, etc. Need I say more?

Art and Sound:

Ah, production I.G. you never fail to amuse me.  The show’s standard animation has really light colors and shading and some detail with random epic scenes that pop out of nowhere and switch style on the fly like its nothing.  Manga comic style, spastic and choppy animation, and fucking South Park.  Because of this, FLCL has some of the most diverse art style that has ever been seen period.

As for sound, it’s pretty damn good. Because we have an actual rock band that played the tracks for this song, the soundtrack actually sounds really good! The ED is especially good, as one can listen it on repeat and rock out without any problems without it sounding generic due to the fact that it is an actual song. Action music is pretty noteworthy as well, as it sounds very good as well.

Personal Enjoyment:

As I was watching this series, I was confused, horrified, intrigued, disgusted, confused again, happy, sad, and basically had my WTF face the entire time. FLCL can be described as random, but it can also be described as an experience. FLCL presents itself as an anime that doesn’t have a specific feeling that it wants people to convey as they’re watching it. As such, it provides an interesting viewing experience that would lead anyone to watch this show.hqdefault

For me, (since this is about my personal enjoyment), I was confused. I have no bad feelings against this show, nor do I have good ones. I was entertained for about 3 hours, and that really is what entertainment is supposed to do. In the end, I would highly recommend this show to anyone, period. The reason for this is due to the fact that everyone in my known knowledge, has had different views towards this anime, and the fact that reading off a review isn’t the ideal way to explain this anime. It’s an experience in and of itself.


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