Seitokai Yakuindomo Review

CAUTIONARY WARNING: If you are uncomfortable with innuendo or any sort of sexual related content, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS ANIME (and this review as well). Basically, there’s a lot of it, and I would suggest to stay away if you’re not a fan of this sort of content.  Viewer discretion (or whatever) is advised. 
Oh dear god. Where the hell do I begin? Let’s see…umm…yeah, I got nothing.

Shino: “You mean, you’re still a virgin?”

“How did this conversation get to this point? And frankly, how are you here?”

Yeah, that about sums up this anime.


seitokai_yakuindomo1First off, there’s a story? I kid, kind of. Seitokai Yakuidomo is a very odd anime. The story itself has little to no merit, as I can literally sum it up in a couple words. “Student Council make sex jokes”. To be frank, it’s basically a slice of life anime that’s about the student council at Ousai Academy doing whatever they can to be entertaining. Whether it’d be working as the student council, messing about somewhere in the school, taking a beach vacation, or making hundreds (yes, hundreds) of sex jokes and innuendo.  They’ll primarily be doing the last one, so keep your mind dirty and leave your chastity at home.


a8ba6845aec26763b48b0512959262d2Compared to the actual story, the characters exceed it in quality by a milestone. (Or, you know, just a little bit). The characters in this anime are a vibrant mix, ranging from the pure minded and innocent Mitsuba, to the tainted mind of the student council president.

Where the story lacks, the characters make up for in full. There’s no character development that’s noticeable, and the grand scheme of the anime altogether is based around their individual personalities and odd quirks that make up the show’s quality. All in all, the characters are the highest point of the whole series due to how zany they all are.

Art and Sound:

The art itself is split into 2 categories. Chibi, and normal. From a chibi standpoint, the art style is quite simple and less detailed. Their eye detail is replaced by black slits, and that’s the art style that is used whenever something is funny/joke related.23-08-2010-04-31-57

The other is a “normal” anime style with crisp colors and overall good quality that’s nice to look at.  The anime constantly switches between these 2 art styles to the point that it makes it cohesive and required for its storytelling and punchline delivery.

The sound however is sort of generic. It’s happy and bright, cheerful and nice to listen to, but to me, not that memorable.

Personal Enjoyment:

The abbreviation for this anime is SYD; more like STD, am I right? (Yeah, bad joke. Sorry). Basically, this show is infectious. Once you start, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to stop. The series itself has an odd quirk to it that just makes it so fun to watch. I enjoyed every second of it, and the comedy just came by the bucketload.  (I disappoint myself sometimes.) With its wonderful characters, good art, and hilarious comedy bursting with sex jokes, I felt really awkward, yet very entertained at the same time. 


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