Dog Days Review

Welcome to Flonyald! The land of kemonomimis where cities are named after desserts! As a bored teenager looking for entertainment anywhere, I browsed through possible anime and found this, looked at the art, saw “shounen” in the tags, than began questioning everything I thought that was in a shounen anime in the first place.


dog-days-1-2With the story being about a boy getting sent to a magical land of kemonomimi where the main source of capital and entertainment came from wars, I was surprised to know that a plot could exist. While this idea was just amusingly strange to begin with, the story itself never really stood out as a focal point. There were times where the plot changed completely and turned into a slightly darker version of itself, but the story rushed at several points where you would just need to go along with it due to the lack of information. Yes, there were some flaws with the execution of the story, but it didn’t seem like too much of a hinderance.


20038The characters for the most part, are kemonomimis. Specifically, dogs. We have Millefiore, the main heroine, Eclair, Rika, and so on and so forth. As well as the main character Sinque, who is more agile then any normal 14 year old boy should be. And yes, we have kemonomimis of different factions and species as well. The characters are sort of bland, to be honest. They have their specific character traits, and that’s all well and good, but they never put too much emphasis on the character growth or anything. The whole cast basically just has fun with life in this magical realm riding Chocobos. While character development was lacking, this again, didn’t really hinder the overall quality of the show. dog_days_07_4

Art and Sound:

The art itself is pretty good. The colors are extremely vibrant, and the character designs are nicely detailed. The scenery is pretty average, and the art in general isn’t nothing to shy away from.

The sound I felt was a bit generic. The tracks were nice to listen to, but they weren’t so good that you would listen to them on repeat. They weren’t that memorable, but they were nice to listen to, (that is if you can get through that annoying vibrato in the OP.) All in all, the art and sound were decent, and not that bad.

Personal Enjoyment:

At first, I questioned myself why this was a shounen in the first place. It was a magical land that was filled with characters of various hair colors and species, and a main character that was more gymnastic than hero. That was until the fanservice started.

dogdays9-3Almost every female character in this anime, gets stripped by an impossible means throughout the whole series. It’s absurd. It was then, that I realized how this was rated as a shounen. In any case, I found Dog Days to be, an ok series to watch. It wasn’t the best, but it was nice to pass the time. The story didn’t hook me that much, the characters were eh, and the art and sound were all average. But this anime doesn’t take itself seriously, which is probably why it’s so enjoyable.

All in all, I was looking for entertainment, and that’s what I got. If you’re looking for something that will hook you like a fishing hook, this definitely isn’t what you should watch.  However, if you’re looking for something to just sit down and be entertained, then this show would definitely suit your tastes. As long as you like kemonomimis and exploding clothing.


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