Date A Live: Date to Date (OVA) Review

As with many OVA’s, the Date A Live OVA really has no significance in its plot, or any real merit. Without further ado, onto the review. (rhyming FTW)

maxresdefault3The Date a Live OVA literally is about pissing around with the show’s two main female leads Origami and Tohka. While it was ok in a comical sense, there really is no significance to the story. The OVA is based around the anime’s “love triangle” with bits and bobs of comedy that is good for a quick laugh. Other then that, there’s nothing else really.


The characters are pretty much the same as they feature the characters from the original anime series. But there is the portion of the OVA where you see Tohka in a different light, but other then that, there’s no difference or development.

Art and Sound:

The art is pretty consistent with itself and aesthetically beautiful as always. With wonderfully made character designs and scenery. However, what bugs me is the fact that this OVA didn’t really meet up fully to its anime parent. The background characters for the majority of the OVA were literally white blobs with a face. To me, this saddened me, as the creators sort of took the “easy” way out. The sound is reused from its anime counterpart and needs no further explanation.

Personal enjoyment:

Yamai_cameoWhile this wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be, it was still entertaining. Yes, there were shortcuts in the animation. Yes, there were a bunch of scene cliches and sometimes rushed scenes. But overall, I found this OVA “ok” to watch. It wasn’t really that good, but it wasn’t that bad either. What I did like was a nice little “ease in” into the next season, as the OVA featured a cameo! (If you read the novel, you’ll know whom it is when you watch it.) If you like Date A Live, this will be ok for you. If you hate harems or just general fanservice, (cause the Date A Live series has quite a bit, and this OVA is no exception), then don’t take this on.


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