Pokemon: The Origin Review

Pokemon. The word itself should be very familiar to many people, as many people probably have seen at least 1 episode of the anime, played a game, or at least heard of it from the grapevine. From a long line of anime seasons and movies such as: Everyone’s favorite “Pokemon: The Movie” featuring Mewtwo, the semi-ok “Manaphy and the Pokemon Ranger”, the really bad Keldeo Movie, and the god awful Pokemon Black and White series, we have Pokemon: The Origin welcoming us to the new generation of pokemon, X and Y.


oak-green-and-red-1024x575With the idea of pokemon going back to its original first generation set of games, Pokemon: The Origin refills the nostalgia feeling of pokemon fire red and leaf green by creating the whole story plot line of the original 2 games in a 4 episode series. Though it does bring back its nostalgia feeling of going back to your childhood, it does bring up some problems. Because it’s only 4 episodes, the plot is rushed, seeing as how about 15 or so hours of gameplay are being reduced to about an 2 hours. This means that there will be some missing parts of the original pokemon adventure and possible plot points in the games aren’t integrated. Despite that, concepts like the idea of “gotta catch ’em all” are part of the story and integrated pretty well.


abe50aae60d38fcb0258cbf22199ba21The characters are just as you would expect. They’re all characters from within the pokemon game and are just as cliched as you would think. Not like that’s bad considering the fact that they are FROM a blue-pokemon-adventures-39286game where they only get about 3-4 lines of speech. The story follows the main character Red, going along his journey with his charmander, and does basically what anyone in a pokemon game would do: get all 8 badges, defeat the elite 4, and beat the champion. However, there is quite a bit of development from him as he goes along his journey, showing how the trainer does mature along with his or her pokemon, which is nice to see.

Art and Sound:

b0b9d78c6ba6bff2eb59391a2e263fa6Compared to any other pokemon anime (except the black and white 2 trailer), the art for this is drastically better, as the characters show very well done shading for the time of day, and just overall a different and better feel. Pokemon: the origin actually seems to take itself seriously and shows how much the journey of pokemon can actually change a person due to its more darker looking art style, which I like very much. The sound is great. Featuring actual official tracks of remastered pokemon battle music and such, Pokemon: The origin goes back to its roots in another sense, bringing back the nostalgia that people everywhere love.

Personal Enjoyment:

Let’s just get this over with. My first pokemon game, was Pokemon Black. I know it’s not THE best game to start off due to how long the franchise has been going on, but give me a break, later generation haters. Because I didn’t play the first pokemon game, this was a completely new experience to me.

From what I saw watching this, pokemon was taken to a whole different and darker level, making more like a real world where things actually matter.  Especially when compared to the normal anime series where the main protagonist is immortal. In any case, I loved watching this as I have been a fan of the pokemon franchise for a very long time. I liked watching how the first generation and the sixth generation integrated with each other towards the end, and found that to be a great touch. But in all seriousness, pokemon: the origin was a great little series to help celebrate the next generation of pokemon. I love pokemon, and anyone else who loves pokemon should like it as well.

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