MM! Review

Ah, MM. One of the few anime that get a certain score all across the board and gave me a crash course on something I never wanted to know about. Without further ado, let us begin.


Raise your hand if you don’t know what a masochist is. By my guess, I would say maybe about 1/2 of the people reading this won’t know. (Just a guess) A masochist is basically someone who enjoys being abused. The story of MM is basically following our main protagonist Sadou Tarou, as he tries to get rid of his “intense” masochism by the help of a tsundere that loves abusing people named Mio.

3391576_1382297385104-91res_500_282From this, the plot is quite predictable as the main focus has little or no effect on the anime as a whole. ¬†What that means is, any method that is tried ultimately fails to accomplish the goal at hand. Instead, the anime gets filled with random plot points like a slice of life. Which, I don’t have a problem with as the characters do sort of get closer. They do spend some time getting into the 2 main female protagonists and giving them something of a backstory, which does fall sometimes on the fact that they give a general gist rather then specific details. Meaning, there are plot holes and less information then there should be.


101188Sadou Tarou is your basic male protagonist in any harem anime where he is nice and kind to everyone, while being denser then a brick of gold. One thing that sets him apart from other harem kings like Junichi from Akane and Rito from To Love-ru, is the fact that he is, a masochist. Rather then hinting at it, or showing it from time to time, this anime shoves his masochism in your face, every episode. So much to the point that I got annoyed with it. Well, to be fair, he did say that he wanted to get rid of it, so it makes a bit of sense.

Next is Yuuno Arashiko. As the “fanservice” of the anime, Arashiko is a soft spoken girl who is terrified of men. Due to reasons I wish not to reveal, she will hit any guy who touches her. Any, guy. Aside from that, there’s not really much to say other then the fact that she does get a “backstory”.trlyk

Finally, Mio Isurugi. A tsundere that thinks that she is god. Yep, that about sums it up. Mio is a strange person, seeing as how many tsunderes in anime refuse to do anything. Heading the second volunteering club, she tries to help anyone she can with their problems, and won’t stop at trying to help them. She goes to the extreme to the point that she will seemed obsessed with trying to cure someone’s issue. For example, bringing military grade weapons to cure Tarou’s masochism. Apart from that, she does get a backstory at the very end of the anime, that does bring it to a great end.

Aside from these 3, you have various archtypes that swim in the supporting cast, such as incestuous relatives, a loli, best friend character, and so on and so forth.

Art and Sound:

The art in MM is brightly colored and vibrant, as well as easy to look at. It’s not bad, but, I’m not too keen on it. It just looks average for a school anime. The sound on the other hand is average as well. It sounds good with its energetic sounding OP and ED, but it’s not really that good. Within the anime are a bunch of mood fillers and nothing else is really standoutish, except the track that appears at the VERY end of the anime. That is good.

Personal Enjoyment:

920add269fd0f57916c2c349a904f520When I watched MM, I didn’t see it as a harem anime to be honest. Yes, there were a bunch of girls and such, but I just didn’t see it. (Trust me, I’ve watched A LOT of harems.) From a comedy aspect, the show excels with its over the top, balls to the wall, “punishment” scenes and “training”, seeing as how the main character basically gets thrown out a third story window and skid across the dirt for about 100 meters. (Not even kidding) But from a romantic aspect, I could see something budding, but it really wasn’t there. Personally, I would’ve liked to see more, but seeing as how the Novel’s creator has passed away, I guess I won’t be getting anything. In all fairness, MM is not for people who would like a serious plot, rather, if you want to watched something slightly perverted coupled with random comedy and mindless entertainment, then congratulations, MM is for you!

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