Another Review

Ok, another anime that people will hate me for bashing on, Like my angel beats review, please don’t be mad at me, this is just my personal opinion on the anime. If you need to post a comment, do so, I would be happy to explain further.
Editor’s Note: No one actually got upset at me.

The story of Another revolves around a boy by the name of Kouichi who gets transferred into a school far away from home. Upon attending the school, he notices a girl with an eyepatch that sits in the back, that no one seems to notice…

From this, Another seems like one of those anime that people HAVE to watch. And, I’ll agree. Another is a very strange mystery anime surrounding the idea that some sort of ‘force’ is affecting this very class. However, there are a few key points that mark down the story from being good. For starters, they reveal pretty much the whole mystery in episode 5, shifting the whole idea of the anime in a different direction which is pretty disappointing considering how hooked I was from the beginning. Because they spoil it so early on, the anime just felt really bland, but there was still a mystery aspect, so I’ll give it that. 


151285First is Kouichi. As the main protagonist of the story, he…has nothing going for him. He’s pretty damn bland. In fact, I could go as far as to say that he has zero actual personality. Coupled with the fact that he doesn’t take ANY initiative to solve the mystery, like all the other students, he is probably by far one of the worst characters I have seen in this anime. mei-misaki-another-34278557-250-250Next, is Mei Misaki. Mei is the complete opposite of Kouichi. Mei has an actual purpose in this anime and plays a very big part altogether. Though she basically has the same personality as pretty much every other character in this anime, it’s supposed to be in her character. Which makes her the most fitting in this anime rather then anyone else and makes her the possible favorite of everyone. The rest of the cast deserves no special mention due to the fact that they’re pretty much the same in terms of character and I see no point discussing characters in which they have a very minimal role in.

Art and Sound:
15gxkFor the art, the anime is very into the darker color scheme where everything is gloomy, and every ray of light is consumed and destroyed. Because of the “gloomy” atmosphere, it’s supposed to make the anime darker then it really should be. I’m not saying it’s bad, but, come on. At least shed some light on the situation. Although, not gonna lie, the art is great and very well detailed. For the sound, the voice acting is so expressionless and monotone for the most part, that it just seems so boring to watch. The only real emotion they show is when someone is dying, and well, I have to say the blood-curdling screams are pretty damn good. The OP and ED are good as the OP has a dramatic feel as well as a sort of sadistic one as well. Although, it did sound a bit strange to me though. The ED has a very somber and piano background which is actually pretty calming. As if they were trying to keep the audience sane by what they just watched. Though the music is good, it felt pretty out of place, seeing as how they don’t really fit with the anime’s feel in any way.

Personal Enjoyment:

If you’ve watched South Park, then you’ll know who Kenny is. Everyone in this anime is f***ing Kenny. The one thing that pissed me off the most in the anime, was the random deaths that were occurring at the end. Rather then feel sad, I laughed. They were so ridiculous and out of place, that I couldn’t do anything else. Another thing (see what I did there?) was the fact that the anime felt really boring. Everyone was talking in a depressing tone, which resulted in a really monotone environment, and I felt really unmotivated to continue. Granted, I did finish the series and somehow inclined to continue watching to the next episode. The anime’s ending also felt really dumb considering how anticlimactic it was and the fact that it just, ends, without a second word or anything. In all seriousness, Another was ok, but not the best thing to watch. But, this is my personal opinion, so take it how you want.





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