Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Review

You know, every once in a while, people get bored with what they normally watch. It doesn’t matter what kind of fan you are in terms of anime, you probably WILL get bored of the genre after a while. When you come out of the realm of what you are used to, you can either enter the world of a different genre, or watch an anime oddity. Yes, this review is about Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, an anime that to me, screams oddity. Let’s begin.



The story of Denpa is about a boy named Makoto Niwa, a boy who transfers into a city that has a history of strange otherworldly occurrences. From him moving into the house of his aunt, he finds a strange girl who is wrapped in a futon that turns out to be his first cousin Erio. From there, the story unfolds as he tries to figure out this strange cousin of his, as well as the city’s residents. From this story, it’s easy to see how strange of an anime this can be as the premise itself probably can’t be found anywhere else. While the anime is focused on Makoto’s point of view for the most part, the anime switches its perspective on which character its focusing on in order to give more insight to each of the characters’ lives


niwa_makoto_8349As I have said before, Denpa is a very strange anime. Therefore, there are very strange characters. First we have Makoto. Makoto is a general high school boy who focuses a lot of his time throughout the series on puberty points. In normal human terms, it’s basically how his social life is going. (They even go on a whole scene explaining it.) As possibly the only real normal one of the whole main cast in the series, Makoto acts as an outsider looking in, eventually delving himself into the world that is this strange city.

eb3983595561bb99f877a6e69a0a4c91Next, we have Erio Touwa. As the main female of the series, Erio is well, to put it short, an alien. (self proclaimed.) On account of an accident that happened a few months prior to the anime’s beginning, Erio has no memory of who she really is, and thinks herself as an alien, basically wandering about at night with a futon wrapped around her.

If you ask me, I consider these 2 as the only real main characters, as the majority of the supporting cast gets almost no screen time compared to them. I will however say that each supporting member does have an odd quirk or two that adds more to the show as a whole.

Art and sound:

e2bcb077e210ecaf4b62ab6c97678bf3For art, the majority of the anime is standard fair as the characters themselves don’t look as spectacular as some other works out there. Most of the female cast has a sort of moe feel to it that I felt I needed to mention. However, it does have a higher score due to the design of Erio. They always put some sort of mystical feel or aura around her that makes her more unique then any other character out there. Seriously, just look at her eyes. For the sound however, I’m a bit sketchy about. The voices themselves fit the roles well and I’m happy about that.

The ending itself is a little song that could probably bring a smile to anyone’s face as how bouncy and fun it sounds. It’s just the opening that throws me completely off. Upon hearing it for the first time, all I could hear was this out of tune screechy little girl voice that made me avoid it like the plague. To me, it’s unbearable.

Personal enjoyment:

Denpa is one of those anime that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s not a typical slice of life or any of the typical tags that’re tacked onto this show. For me, this was a true oddity and a gem in the realm of anime. Because this anime was just so out of the ordinary due to its characters and premise, I couldn’t stop watching. This anime is so strange, that it’s good. However, there were times where the anime just dragged on and on, and it really hurt itself because of that. The implementation of random characters didn’t help either, and frankly, the opening was just bad. But, this show is good in its own little special way as the show’s title can tell you. So, if you want to watch something that is out of your comfort zone, I would go for this as the majority of this anime isn’t about school, it has pretty much zero fanservice, and it has quite an original plot in terms of what is coming out these days.

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