Hataraku Maou-sama! Review

The Demon king is an idea that has come up in a few anime, and can be interpreted in many ways. It has been interpreted as a future job, or the role of a female person rather then a male regardless of the title. And then, we have this.


634940-hataraku_maou_sama___01___large_12_superThe story of Hataraku Maou-sama revolves around the lives of a select few individuals who come from a place called Ente Isla. Whisked away to modern day japan, the individuals, ranging from heroes to demons, must figure out a way back to their world again, while making sure that they can survive the world that they are put in. To sum it up, it’s about a demon king who works at a Mcdonald’s rip-off. The premise of this anime is definitely strange beyond meaning. This has to be, one of the most random premises to exist in anime, ever, and I love it!


sadao-maou-43751First we have the main character, Sadao Maou. As basically a character based off of Satan, Maou shows to have a very evil outlook in life as the demon king. WHEN he is the demon king. While in Japan however, he is shown to be more considerate to people, essentially showing how much a person can change in a matter of 2 episodes or so. He shows a very drastic change in terms of the first episode, and every episode onwards, and becomes rather kind. Not something that can be expected from someone who has killed hundreds upon thousands of people. He also has a unique “motivation” when it comes to working in his job.

Next is Shirou Ashiya. As Maou’s right hand man, Shirou shows an incredible amount of loyalty to his lord, even to the extent of showing respect in straight up public. He always aims to please his lord and always tries to do his best in terms of taking care of the home. (He’s basically the wife of the series.) However, it should be mentioned as how much attention he puts into his work. Like, a LOT of attention.

1368709856204sNext is Emilia the hero. As the tsundere of the series… (I’m sure you can all guess.) As a hero, she is sworn to kill Maou under any circumstances because of the fact that he is the demon king, and has caused much terror throughout the land.


And finally, Chiho Sasaki. As Maou’s coworker, Chiho is the “normal” one in the series as she pretty much possesses no speciality to 17758586b7aec0377c8546ddab6bb2baherself other then some weird inherited power that I won’t get in much detail. (Even the anime doesn’t.) Having a HUGE crush on Maou, she constantly tries to get him to notice her albeit subtle to the point that no dense male character will ever understand. She’s also the fanservice character as noted by several episodes. Beyond them, there is a plethora of supporting characters and a new main character that appears later in the series.

Art and Sound:

hms7_by_hidoisandesu-d63wzukFor art, the colors are very bright. The art style is fairly good with fluid action scenes that appear out of nowhere, as well as extremely detailed magic circles that seem to be in any anime that deal with that sort of crap. The demons themselves are really detailed and look very good. Although, one complaint I have is the changing eye gag that happens somewhat often in the second half. The characters basically change their design to a more basic looking thing, and it just looks bad. To me, this was a mistake in the anime’s development.

For sound, it’s…pretty generic sounding. To me, it sounds good, it really does. But, it’s not to the point that I would just listen to it on my spare time like I do with various other tracks from various other anime.

Personal Enjoyment:

Upon reading the premise itself, I was just intrigued. Seriously, a demon king working at a frikin’ Mcdonalds. How funny is that?! Right away I knew that I would like this. Upon watching more, I found myself laughing many a time due to the constant comedy that they would use, as well as how serious the characters can get in certain situations. One of my favorites is when they realize how close to poverty their reactions are just too funny. I also like the fact that the creators tried to implement comedy in action scenes, which turned out really well due to how hard of a task that actually can be. It’s also funny to mention how fast and easy it is for the characters later in the series to change because they don’t even seem like the same person anymore. Personally, I enjoyed it and I wouldn’t mind to rewatch this because this series is just awesome. While it falls on the implementation of somewhat useless characters and the mediocre sounding music, I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys fun and pointless comedy, and to anyone who needs just pure entertainment. I really hope they do a season 2.¬†

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