Clannad: After Story Review

There comes a time, when, something hits you in a way that makes you feel…lost. You’re overcome with what you had just saw and no matter what happens, you can’t put what you saw into words. This review is about Clannad: Afterstory, an anime that is very dear to my heart, and one, that I feel is Kyoto Animation’s best works.


The story of Clannad: Afterstory is very different from its prequel, Clannad. While Clannad revolves around the life of Tomoya in his 3rd year in high school, helping out various girls with various sorts of problems, this anime focuses solely on the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa with their life transitioning from teenage life into clannad20after20story20-201820-20large2031adulthood. The reason why this anime could be praised highly on its story is due to its far reaching, beyond the anime realm of high school where it originates from. It focuses on the main character Tomoya in a way that creates incredible development in his character, while keeping its mystical supernatural theme in play. Note, you cannot under any circumstances understand what is happening in this anime without watching the original Clannad.


The characters of afterstory has dwindled greatly from Clannad itself, throwing out almost all of the other characters that were there previously. Tomoya, as the main protagonist, is his usual cynical, but funny self with his attitude towards life. As the story progresses, Tomoya becomes more self-aware of his actions and takes responsibility for them. Any more explanation is considered as a spoiler.clannad-after-story-21

Next is Nagisa. As the main female protagonist, Nagisa returns as her usual cheerful self in trying to make the people around her happy, especially her boyfriend, Tomoya. As the series goes on, Nagisa thinks more about her future with Tomoya, ultimately influencing Tomoya as well, changing him even further.

Next are Nagisa’s parents Akio and Sanae. As a comical duo, the general gags that run with them return as well. These 2 have incredible importance due to their parental guidance to Tomoya, influencing him as well. Apart from them, there is one little character that deserves mentioning, but revealing it would be a very big spoiler.

Art and Sound:

75c6cbcc751ffe5827c10c422fde089d7b8cbb2d_hqWith the art, the art stays with its original Clannad look with highly moe-infected characters with eyes that to me resemble galaxies, and well done scenery and shades. For the sound, a new set of music that sounds great for Clannad’s storyline and is something to behold. With its OP sounding at a high level rivaling its prequel’s OP, it definitely is something to praise upon.

Personal Enjoyment:

When I look at Clannad, I see my own personal morals. The importance of family, the trials and tribulations of various life situations, and the hilarious moments that life can provide. Watching this made me feel at home because of how close it touched me, especially with the show’s second half. (For some reason, I’m shedding tears just writing this.) Just watching the characters interact and watching Tomoya especially made me feel like I was part of that world. KyoAni are dicks for making this one of the biggest tearjerkers I have ever watched (Seriously, I brought a tissue box with me, it was empty after the marathoning.) because this anime touched my heart in a way that no other anime was able to, and is by far one of my top 3 anime. Unless you have a heart of pure stone or don’t give a damn about your family, you will cry when watching this. It made me appreciate my family more then I have ever done before. I highly recommend this to anyone. Even if you’re a fan of random action and high intensity thrillers where everyone dies, I HIGHLY recommend this. 

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