Yumekui Merry Review

Everyone (or for the majority of the population) has dreams. Dreams drive us to aspire what we want to be or what we wish for in our little insignificant lives. So, the people of Japan thought, why not have a complete anime about dreams? And that’s where Yumekui Merry comes in.


yumekui-merry-ep01-010The story of Yumekui Merry starts with a fated encounter between a dream demon, and a human. Dream demons exist in the realm of dreams where humans go whenever they sleep. In that realm, a whole host of dream demons varying in shapes and sizes, wishes to crossover to the human realm called “Reality.”  In this world, dream demons are able to cross over into reality by using a human as a vessel, nestling themselves into the aspirations of a person. From there on, it gets a bit more sinister, as while some dream demons coexist with their vessels, others completely take over and use the body for their own deeds. The sign in which a person is being controlled by a dream demon is by looking at their pupils, as every dream demon has a distinct shape. Back to the first sentence, the story revolves around a mysterious dream demon named Merry Nightmare, who meets Yumeji, a human that has the ability to predict what dreams a person has later that night. As far as a premise, this anime has an interesting and great premise. The execution however, was garbage. Beyond the initial premise, the story doesn’t really go beyond that. The story follows something I like to call “Zero no Shana format” where within the story, there are smaller, separate stories within that have almost no correlation to each other.


df68d818a9f774927a26716632e2c97fFirst we have my favorite character in the show, Merry Nightmare. Or, as she is later known as, Yumekui Merry. As the main female character in this series, Merry is a dream demon that possesses special abilities. With pupils similar to a goat’s, Merry has a playful but longing mentality. With a desire to return back to the dream world, she becomes one of the most standout characters in the whole series and carries the show as a whole. With a great attachment to her hat and a love of donuts, Merry becomes the reason for Yumeji’s mindset in the series.

784790ffbf0bb2d4563325aa7b14310eNext is Yumeji. As the main male protagonist, Yumeji has the special ability to see what kind of dreams a person has by looping his right index finger and thumb together, then looking through it. Upon meeting Merry, he creates a contract with her and promises to take her back to the dream world no matter what cost. As valiant as this seems, that’s pretty much it for his character. Aside from caring for Isana and her father for taking him in, getting Merry back to the dream world is his only true goal in the series, thus making him a very bland character.

Aside from these 2, the rest of the cast for the most part show little to no change and fit the purpose of being just, there. Antagonists show up left and right, being defeated easily or getting away before moving onto the next one.

Art and Sound:

Yumekui-merry-06-31For the most part, the art was good as the detailed worlds of the daydreams are very pleasing to the eye. There are also several chibi scenes which involve Merry, that add into how moe she actually is. Other then that, the animation was adequate with some fight scenes that weren’t as fluid as it could be. As for sound, there really was no stand out track as they were all generic for the most part. The only thing I would consider standout would be the opening song which matches well with the feeling of this show. However, it still is only somewhat adequate.

Personal Enjoyment:

yumekui-merry-32For me, Yumekui Merry was an interesting show in the least. With a very unique idea for the series, the execution just wasn’t there to make the show as likable as it could be. Yumekui Merry is filled with several plot holes and rushed plot, which made the show lose a bit of its potential. There were characters who literally existed in only one episode and felt like a waste of time to create. Above all, the biggest thing that bothered me was a select few scenes in the opening. In the opening, Yumeji and Merry are seen as little children, creating an idea that could be explored in the future, creating more of a mystery to the series as a whole. Regardless, they do nothing with that idea and makes me wish that they did because there could some great potential if there was a backstory. Above all, Yumekui misses many details and any sort of plot exploration, but it is a good anime if you want to know more about dreams, and an overall great female lead. They definitely went all out with her character.

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