Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka Review

Before I start this review, from this point forward, I will be calling this anime “Akane” cause I don’t want to write the full name at all. Nonetheless, let’s get going!


snapshot20081205071301The story of Akane involves a faithful meeting between our main protagonist Junichi, and a cute girl by his words, named Yuuhi. Saving her from 2 guys who were possibly going to do some bad things to her, Junichi saves Yuuhi and that faithful encounter sparks them to know who the other person is. On another faithful encounter, the 2 meet each other again, and deciding that he should “take the chance”, Junichi shoots himself forward and gives Yuuhi her first kiss. (God, I sound like I’m writing a sappy-ass fanfiction.) But, all does not go well in the world of Akane as Yuuhi reveals her true nature as a tsundere via telling him to die, and a punch to the face. (This case is more tsun- then -dere.) And even bigger faithful meeting happens later that night as they both find out that they are fiances to each other, via arranged marriage by families. Though this premise sounds hilarious and interesting as hell, looks can be deceiving. ┬áThe story itself basically builds the audience up, then craps on them over and over and over and over again, till a really strange and stupid ending comes up and basically destroys the whole point of this anime ever needing to exist in the first place. The anime also uses a full scenes in random parts of the anime as really dumb side stories on Junichi’s parents that has really no significance in the story whatsoever.


79085First is Junichi. As a person who has had Chuunibyou in the past, Junichi is currently a bright and happy person who lives with his sister while their parents are out doing god knows what. He completely relies on his sister for everything, as he is not really able to take care of himself too much. Junichi follows the typical harem king where he is completely dense and indecisive, thus creating problems to himself that lonely guys everywhere would consider a frikin’ luxury.

Minato and Yuuhi

Next is Yuuhi. Known as the “Hime” to her friends, Yuuhi is a daughter of the Katagiri family, a well known family that owns a crap ton of companies. In the series, she is shown to be a tsundere and could really care less about Junichi, really. With a child-like personality, she becomes extremely fascinated by everyday things and has a habit of pushing random buttons.

Finally, we have Minato. As Junichi’s younger sister, Minato takes care of her brother on practically everything and has an incredibly close bond to him, to the point of having a brother complex. Kind and mature, Minato acts as a motherly figure towards her brother. Other characters in this really have no other purpose then to drive the plot along. They have one trait only and exploit that to the point of being annoying.

Animation and sound:

The animation for this is actually pretty decent. The character design is well done and deserves praise with its fluidity. The voices in this are pretty decent as well, with everyone’s favorite tsundere voice actress, Rie, and Aya Hirano as the voice of Minato. (I seriously cannot believe that Haruhi Suzumiya and Minato are voice by the same person.) The opening songs and endings however sound-wise, are very generic and boring, and I suggest to skip it.

Personal enjoyment:

Believe it or not, I have a harem spectrum.  This anime lands smack dab in the middle of that spectrum; maybe edging towards the bad side. While this anime has several ups, it has many downs and so many unnecessary plot points that I can say with an honest voice, are random and stupid. Above all, the ending, is just, no. The ending can bring any anime down a lot due to its unsatisfactory conclusion. So, if you like crappy love stories, go ahead. This is the perfect thing for you.

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