Soul Eater Review

To put it bluntly, I’m not a fan of this anime. Not that it’s bad, I’m just not a fan.  That being said, my biased opinion will be saved only for the last part of this review.


4891245_origThe story of Soul Eater revolves around an alternate version of our world where witches, shinigami, laughing/bleeding suns and moons, as well as the possibility to eat one’s soul is possible. In the school of Shibusen, students are trained as both wielders and weapons in combat. The weapon students are able to shift into various weapons ranging from swords to heat lanterns, to pretty much anything imaginable weapon-wise. And so, is the basic background of the story. The story itself is broken into 2 halves where the 7 main characters must fight in order to SAVE THE WORLD! Each half is featured with a specific witch. While yes, the overall story itself was well done, the one thing that bugs me is the ending. The ending, I must say is the biggest cliffhanger ever. When all is said and done, the anime sort of, ends. There’s no clear resolution after the fight, there’s no monologue to explain what happens afterwards, hell, all they really do is smile and, roll credits.


Soul_Eater_Clip_4Undoubtedly, the characters are a big plus, to a certain degree. First, we have Maka. As the main protagonist, she possesses a leader-like nature and strives to be like her mother. While being short-tempered at times, she is caring and appreciates her teammates, especially her partner soul. Speaking of Soul Evans, he is the weapon of Maka and the next person to be mentioned. Taking the form of a large, oversized scythe, Soul is probably the definition of “swag.” (Sorry, but it’s kind of true.) Trying to act as cool as he can be, soul initially starts as a platonic guy who “tries” to act cool, but later, becomes more caring seeing as he doesn’t want to hurt the people close to him due to his “condition” later on. More importantly, he cares for his technician, Maka, the most.

3125931829_1_5_lsjgzf3jNext, Black Star. First off, that’s a really strange name.  As the last surviving member of the star clan, Black star is the epitome of arrogance. Always saying that he’s big, (ironically, he’s the short member of the group), and that he’s going to overtake god, Black star always tries to show off as best as he can. While yes, it may be funny, the whole show off thing got tired incredibly fast. Later in the series, he starts to become more proactive with teamwork, while still possessing that mentality. His weapon Tsubaki is basically the complete opposite of him. As kind and forgiving as she is, she is pretty much only character that can stand black star to the largest degree. With the ability to transform into more weapons then any other weapon, Tsubaki is one of the most helpful characters that has probably existed due to her versatility.

Next, is Death the kid. Death has Asymmetriphobia, meaning that he dislikes anything that isn’t symmetrical, heavily. Because of such a random phobia and being put into an anime, Death has some of the most memorable scenes that exist in Soul eater. Because his phobia gets in the way at times, his fighting capabilities can be greatly reduced when something is symmetrical. 2146183-soul_eater_soul_eater_18303523_2560_1749Likewise, his fighting capabilities increase highly when something isn’t symmetrical. Cue episode 3. Ironically, his 3 white stripes in his hair, aren’t symmetrical. Being the grim reaper’s son, he is given the right to succeed his father when he dies. As the more mature person of the group, (whenever things look right), he is usually calm and thinks situations through, rather then black star who goes all gung-ho with everything. And finally, we have the twins Patty and Liz. As the identical pistol weapons of death the kid, they share completely different personalities but care for DTK in a big way. Other side characters include the grim reaper, Maka’s player dad, Blair the fanservice cat, Medusa, Stein the sadistic human-experimenting scientist, and Arachne, and Crona the spazzy genderless person.

Sound and Art:

The sound in this anime has an interesting tone to it. The first opening was unfavorable to me at first, but it grew on me, much like the uniqueness of this show. While I couldn’t even get through the first 10 seconds of the first ending due to how off-key the first lyrics sounded, the music in this anime is adequate. The second opening did sound good, but to me, it doesn’t fit with how this anime is. Great opening, but not befitting of this anime.

The art is also another strange but interesting thing about this anime. With the lack of eye detail as most animes have to a certain degree, and a simplistic looking art style, soul eater has a strange contrast. While the art is mostly done in dark colors, it was made in a very light looking setting, which is very strange, interesting, unique, and good. The backgrounds themselves have a great care to detail to them and are commendable.

Personal enjoyment:

o4rrdroSince I started watching this show, I’ve been very on and off about it. I like it, I hate it, it’s just very confusing for me. Some things I liked was the bleach spin-off that involved people as weapons, not just some spirit. I also liked how well all the characters worked together in order to defeat the large threat. Also, how some of the characters’ names are just horrible puns. What I didn’t like was how slow the anime went during the transition stage of going to the next arc. Also, the fact that they added some characters without really specifying in detail their purpose or reason to be there. Ex: Giriko. As well as the really weird ending where all the concepts that were concreted into the anime’s basis were just thrown out the window in the last scene of the final fight. While personally, I’m not a fan of this anime, if you want to see some insane-looking action scenes and fights that could determine the fate of the world, or you’re just an action/fantasy addict, I would highly suggest this to you. As a last comment, I just want to say one thing to a specific character. I HATE YOU EXCALIBUR!!!

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