Shinkgeki no Kyojin Review

Shinkgeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan in english, is probably one of the most hyped up shows that exist. At first, I actually didn’t want to watch this due to the amount of fandom and recommendations I got from other people on it. But, after much persuasion, I finally watched it.


bertolt_appears_in_front_of_erenFor those of you who don’t know, (I doubt anybody hasn’t at least heard of this anime), SNK is about a fight between humanity and these creatures known as titans. A.K.A. Giant, stupid, naked, deformed people. Driven to the near brink of extinction, humanity has built 3 walls in order to protect the remaining people of the world. The story follows Eren Jaeger who becomes a soldier in the army, resulting in many experiences that any normal person would consider to be a traumatizing experience. Now, I thought that the story format of this anime deserved attention and worth looking into. The way SNK is formatted, is in a sense, like a movie. The story is built around 5 or so arcs with a few “non-exciting” episodes in between. Meaning that the whole atmosphere changes into a more somber sort of setting. Each episode ALWAYS ends with a cliffhanger, adding onto the hype that this show has.


Shingeki_no_Kyojin_characters_(anime)Because there are SO many characters in SNK, I’m only going to review a handful of them. (Sorry if I don’t mention your favorite character). First off, we have the main character, Eren. After the tragedy in the first episode, Eren develops an angry and hostile mindset that because rather stereotypical. His main goal really is to, “KILL THE TITANS! KILL THE TITANS!” Although his mindset does change later on in the series due to influences from other people, he really just changes right back to his killing instinct which becomes a bit of a let down in terms of character development. Next, we have Mikasa. As the main female in the series, Mikasa is Eren’s adopted sister and teammate. Though she truly is a badass at using the 3-D maneuver gear, her character is in need of help. Throughout the whole series, Mikasa really doesn’t do anything for her sake. Everything she does is for Eren, Eren, Eren without any second thought. Because of this, I feel sad to see such a good character result in something else. Next, Armin. As the most useless character in terms of fighting, Armin is Eren and Mikasa’s childhood friend. Throughout the whole series, he has shown many great deduction skills and planning. His fighting style is to be questioned. Armin has to be one of the most pathetic characters in this series due to his inability to really do anything right in terms of fighting, leading people to think “how the hell did this kid graduate?” But, it should be good to note that later in the series, Armin creates a quote that becomes very apparent and important in the rest of series. Next, Jean. In terms of character development, the other 3 fall somewhat flat. Jean however, has been given a great deal. After numerous events that I will not mention due to spoilers, Jean starts to wonder what he really was working towards, ultimately changing himself to be more of an interesting character. Next, the badass tornado spinning Jedi, Levi. (hey, that rhymes.) As the cold-blooded person in the series, Levi is undoubtedly one of the coolest characters to look at. Though his past isn’t too looked into, (they sort of explain it in 1 scene), Levi provides a great deal of guidance to his comrades and becomes sort of true to Armin’s quote. Other characters in this anime include the rest of the “main cast”, including Christa, Connie (it’s a guy btw), Sasha (my personal favorite), and Reiner. In the future, I hope that these characters become more prominent as their characters have quite a bit of potential that is worth looking into.

Art and Sound:

Yep.  Ok.  Sure.

For art in this anime, the style in which it’s made in is something I would call, black outline. For many scenes in the series, the characters get a sort of bold black outline which is a very interesting way of drawing it. One thing that can be noted about character design, is the massive amount of muscle detail that is on the colossal titan and female titan. When you look at it, it’s incredibly well done because they replicate the human body’s muscle structure so well. The scenery that the story takes place in is definitely a plus due to the amount of detail that they put into it. And finally, everyone’s favorite part, the action scenes. Because of the 3-d maneuver gear they use in the anime, the action scenes become a sight to behold. The fluidity of the animation is very top notch and in a way, almost too fast for the human eye to see. The way the characters use the gear is to their own style and is reflected upon how beautiful the scenes are when they fight. For sound, well, it’s awesome. The energy and tone from both openings are very up there and become stand out tracks all together. Sad to say, I barely watched the ending songs because I was too excited to watch the next episode. Sorry about that.

Personal enjoyment:

Whenever a hyped show like this comes along, I always sort of push it to the side, and for good reason. Whenever a show like this comes up, it usually get ridiculed with side stories and eventually, bad execution of the anime itself. For me personally, the best animes aren’t even more then 25 episodes. But, when I started watching this, I did, as all people who watch this, get gripped into humanity’s fight for survival. While yes, some of the characters fell flat, the overall anime itself was very good in its execution, showing how humanity has changed due to the titan threat. Some examples are how the military police act compared to the survey corps, and the implementation of wallists, who are people who worship the walls as gods. (I find that extremely weird.) As a personal complaint, the anime killed off too many good characters that have potential. There were a number of good people that had a lot of potential who were killed off too fast, resulting in well, feels. I’m not too keen on horror anime as I usually don’t enjoy them as much as I want to due to the deaths that occur.  Also, anybody else creeped out that there is an Eren x Levi ship?

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