Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen Review

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen. (Long titles FTW). As the third installment of this series, many fans who haven’t read the manga should probably be expecting what is to be expected of this series. This review is literally after I finished the series.


twgok3-03-featured-640x250For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of this series, the world god only knows is the story of a gamer who is forced to make girls fall in love with him in order to capture loose souls, forcing them out of the girls’ hearts in order to be captured. However, the story of this series is similar, but very different. The story of the Megami-hen series revolves around Keima as his usual self, capturing goddesses, not loose souls. Because of this he must go back to his previous “capture targets” and figure out if they are hosting a goddess within them. And because the whole plethora of girls is dwindled down to 6, it becomes a proper harem rather then the deconstruction that it’s always been.


ug3aa66Keima, as the main protagonist, is a visual novel lover. Instead of actually giving a damn about the girls he conquers irl or in-game, his only purpose is to “get to the ending”, which if you’ve played visual novels, means the girl falls in love with you. Though his character has pretty much remained unchanged throughout the whole span of TWGOK, this season adds a twist, making him reconsider the ways he’s actually treating these girls.

twgok-3-10-081Next, Haqua. Yes, I know Elsie is in this series, but she barely plays a significant role. With her introduction to the anime in the second season, Haqua is a character from Hell and plays a very good supporting role. Her character is fairly well rounded as she plays a significant role in capturing said goddess’. As a tsundere, well, it’s pretty obvious. However, what makes her such a great character, is her reintroduction later in the season after disappearing for some time. Because of this, she becomes a badass and a somewhat different character altogether, in a good way. (Personally, she’s my favorite character of the whole series).

And finally, Chihiro. As one of the previous capture targets in the second season, it’s expected that she would play a generic role. However, she does more then that. As one of the only girls in this series that have an actual somewhat real personality, she is the main influence on Keima which results in him regretting what decisions he has made in the past. Because she somewhat understands what is going on in the last few episodes, Keima’s and herself get huge character development and become incredibly stand-out characters.

Animation and Sound:

twgok-3-12-151Oh, where to begin. The animation in TWGOK is fantastic as always, simplifying itself to a chibi whenever it wants, and creating incredibly detailed scenes whenever it wants also. For example, closeups with Keima, and Chihiro’s final scene in the series. Because of the addition of goddesses, the animation for their wings and individual feathers were superb at the least. Especially in the final episode. But for the most part, the animation is well done, with a few “skippy” scenes here and there. One scene in particular in the final episode where there is some, awkward instrument playing. But in hindsight, it can be overlooked. The sound, oh yes, another thing to be giddy about. The soundtrack for this series is usually pretty stand-out. This season did not disappoint. As always, they try to put in some “heavenly” tones and some techno sounds whenever they do an opening, but this time, they went over the top! The opening itself has very well done pictures and the music sounds so godly and fantastic that it is truly one of a kind. It also has a surprising amount of english words within itself. The ending on the other hand has a more somber feel to it. While the pictures in the ending are practically all the same, the sound of the ending is very calm and very rewarding sounding. It’s happy, it’s sad, and overall, great.

Personal enjoyment:

twgok10fI have always loved the TWGOK series. Ever since I started, I have never been able to leave it alone. When I first saw the premise of this season, I was surprised how much the series switched in terms of plot. Luckily, it was a good switch rather then a really bad one. (SAO) The series itself really puts the main character in situations which he’s not used to, and allows much more character development which for this character, is much needed. As a personal fan, I’m debating over if this series should get another sequel or not because, this series ends on such a note that it can actually end right here and now. But on the other hand, there is so much more potential to be discovered and it really puts me at a standstill. However, as a personal complaint, the last episode, sort of rushed. The first half of the episode was fantastic and at its peak, but the second half sort of died down too fast. All of the possible action bits and goddess magic was squeezed into a 5 minute time-frame, which is a bit of a let-down. Nonetheless, TWGOK is one of the most well known harem animes out there, and if you are a fan like me, I would highly recommend this to you. But know this, in order to watch this season in specific, the other 2, plus the Tenri-hen OVA’s must be watched first. It is the only way to know what exactly is going on here.

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