Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Review

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is a parody anime. Because of this, I thought the best way to review this is to shove in as many anime that I can in this one review.


The plot of this anime is pretty much, well, non-existent. Think about “Demon King Daimao” and “Angel Beats!”, and throw all of those somewhat plotless ideas away because there seriously is no plot to this. In fact, it might very well be similar to “Zero no Tsukaima” and “Shakugan no Shana” because of the idea that there are many antagonists within the story that each get a sort of small arc in a sense. The story revolves around a 17 year old named Mahiro who finds out that a cthulu life-form known as Nyarlathotep or Nyaruko for short has come and protect him from other alien life-forms from doing god knows what to him. From then on, more cthulu-like creatures show up and hilarity ensues.


Nyaruko, as the lead heroine, is a mix of Haruhi’s Suzumiya enthusiasm, Konata Izumi’s otaku characteristics, Tomoyo’s Sakagami appearance, Haruko Haruhara’s insanity, and a16604-918265980-1417467573possibly every single lovesick female that can exist in anime ever. In short, she is an overly active silver-haired girl that can pretty much kick ass in any situation, proving to be truly the heart of this show, giving it its character.  She also possesses one of the largest ahoge’s ever, which changes shape according to her mood, which is actually pretty funny. Next, Mahiro. Now, think of the most tsundere character you can think of, and multiply it by 3. 

Kuuko can be considered as the sacred combination of origami and kotori from “Date a live”, as well as Mafuyu from “Seitokai no Ichizon.” As an obsessive and borderless person, she constantly fawns over Nyaruko and loves playing video games.

Hastua. Yes, I know there are more characters, but I just wanted to point out the main 4. Hastua is the trap in the series and can be considered as a mix of a dandere character and Fuko from “Clannad”. Yes, it’s a boy, accept it. Though usually quiet, Hastua adds in as the shy one, eventually becoming more outgoing as the series goes. Keep in mind that these characters are just one-sided.mahiro

Finally, Mahiro.  Think of the most tsundere character you can think of, and multiply it by 3.  Mahiro is one of the most tsundere characters you can ever meet. As the main male, he has to put up with all of these antics that the freeloaders in his house come up with, resulting in some funny scenes that usually involve forks. Yes, forks. Next, Kuuko.

Art and Sound:

As an art style, the characters look really well done and the animation is fluid. The action scenes are pretty good as well and are well, random due to the circumstances the anime puts its action scenes in. For sound, think of the most catchy and energetic soundtrack you can think of. This will probably top that. The OP is one of the catchiest and upbeat things I’ve ever heard. As for the ending, the tone is still energetic, but a bit more toned down then the OP.

Personal enjoyment:

superthumbNow, for me, this can be considered as a guilty pleasure anime. The way I see it, there are 2 love triangles in this anime, each of them revolving around the 4 main characters. This anime truly has something for everybody. It’s slice of life, action, comedy, parody, harem, yaoi, yuri, ecchi, horror (only for one episode, sort of), mystery, etc. Though this anime really has no plot, it’s not supposed to. People judge this anime for something it isn’t. It’s supposed to be true mindless fun, they constantly break the fourth wall, which is hilarious, and they constantly make references to things. However, it should be noted that this anime has an obsession with wanting to speed relationships up and make babies. Seriously, not even kidding. It seems as though that the characters really want to make children, and girl on girl and guy on guy apparently works to succeed this task. There is also a massive amount of foreshadowing which is just slipped in so precariously, that the characters and the audience don’t notice, creating some sort of scavenger hunt that makes this anime unique. To put it simply, I love this anime and if anyone out there wants to watch something that takes your mind off of pretty much anything in life, then I would highly recommend watching this because there is nothing better then getting a smile on your face. Until then, may the owner of the Wicked eye watch over you!

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