Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Review

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica… The famous anime that played with all of our expectations. Without further ado, let us begin.


mm5_screenshot1The story of Madoka Magica is a typical magical girl anime with lots of cute costumes and an animal guidance as the girl saves the world, right? RIGHT?! Though it may seem that way for about…3 episodes, it all goes to shit. And from there, well, take it away, Another. (Plays death scenes.) Seriously though. The story is incredibly dark and not one for the faint of heart. It will definitely tug heartstrings at this one anime.



Probably one of my favorite parts of this anime. For starters, we have color-coding. Every girl has a color-coded outfit to match their hair, which, incidentally, actually works. Without spoiling much, the 5 girls that this anime revolve around each have their own backstory or reason to have the mentality that they have. Though only 12 episodes, Madoka Magica wastes no time in formulating proper characters that befit its story, an effort that paid off well in the end. However, the sixth character is one that everyone hates, and that, is Kyubey. As the “antagonist” of the story, he merely does his job and has no concern for how things turn out, to the point that he is truly neutral.

Art and sound:


With art, we have a moe style chibi that looks like it came out of a sketchbook for the most part. While cute and adorable, remember, this anime is trolly. The art style looks great, and the magical aspect in this series are definitely well made. On another note, this anime has a different art style to the “labyrinths” that the witches in the series make. Each one is special in their own way and feel as though they came out of an art museum for how they were made. Sound is also a huge plus for this anime. With mystical tracks and a very deceptively happy sounding opening, this anime has a great feel to it. The battle music is outstandingly mystical and beautiful and could not ask for anything better.

Personal enjoyment:

While my enjoyment is lower then the other categories, I still enjoyed it very much. With wonderfully rounded characters and awesome sounding music, added in the fact that there is a story that wastes no time in telling what is going on, this anime is well, outstanding. It’s to the point that I cannot express in words how much this anime really means to me and my personal morals. So, Pyra, you may ask, with all this in mind, why do you enjoy it less then what you say you should’ve? Well, random reader, I’ll tell you. While yes, I do like the idea of Madoka Magica, the aspect of these girls dying in some horrible disastrous way is disturbing to me. I didn’t want to part away from them and I really wanted them to continue living on. While other animes have random characters that die left and right, this one kills off the characters, and let it simmer, stirring the emotions of the viewer, and stretching the heartstrings. Damn you KYUBEY!!! In short, I love this anime, I just wish I could have the heart to love it more. 

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