Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Review

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou or Demon King Daimao in the english translation is, well…bad. As much as I love harems, I cannot under any circumstances see this as a show worth watching.


With the story of Sai Akuto, our main protagonist wanting to be a holy man or priest, his life suddenly changes around when a weird raven in a glass container wearing swirly glasses and smoking a cigar tells him that he will be a demon king, something that apparently going to happen as the bird is quite accurate. (I think the whole bird thing is BS) Then, people begin to freak out at the apparent arrival of the new demon king, and everything goes to crap.


3042422_1350230412889-48res_500_281Sai Akuto, our main protagonist is a kind person who throughout the whole series, just wants people to know that he isn’t the demon king and the absurd rumors about him are well, absurd. (Seriously, there’s a girl that says he’ll impregnate you just by looking at him in one of the earlier eisodes.) As for the rest of the cast, well…they’re crap. The female “harem” is just really a bunch of cardboard cutouts that don’t really change. Like really, they don’t change EVER! Playing the roles as a kuudere, an overzealous blob of fanservice, an overactive rice eater (my personal favorite), the student council president, and the katana wielding blob of fanservice. The only other guy that was in this series actually had some credible use in the series, but…he gets toned down in credibility after being given this hilariously bad costume.

Sound and Art:

shot0745While the art in this anime was fairly good, it was rather ordinary for the most part. Only in the action scenes was the animation actually very fluid and good. Other then that, fanservice, fanservice, fanservice. Repeat that process of art scenes, and you have this. The sound wasn’t really that good to listen to either. It sounded completely different then what this anime should’ve had in its soundtrack.

Personal enjoyment:

Oh god, where do I begin? First of all, tentacle monsters and naked girls should not go together! (personal complaint). The pacing in this anime was just…horrible. From episode 1 everything just failed to come together. They try explaining what the premise is, but it just doesn’t work out. In the end, something weird happens and…I don’t know. The pacing of this anime is very bad and the explanation of what is happening is even worse. For the last few episodes, my mind went blank trying to comprehend what the hell I just watched. Yes, this anime is funny in a sense of the word, but it just really falls short as one of those show that needed some more time. Like…seriously. For anyone who’s watched this, can you explain to me? Did god really exist in that anime or what? For anyone who wants to take this blob of insanity and manna into consideration, it’s best advised to turn your brain off and just watch, cause I can guarantee you, nothing will come together or make sense.

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