Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Review

Chuunibyou, to put it bluntly, is about a group of high school students that are mentally insane. That being said, Chuunibyou puts this idea into a good sense and has a heartwarming tale that ends in a less then satisfactory ending.


The story of Chunnibyou has an interesting plot. The first half doesn’t really go too much into either aspect of what this anime is known for. Mostly, it’s just character introductions and character relations that give the story’s premise. Though that sounds really boring, the first half isn’t all that bad. In fact, it’s quite good in showing the baseline for the show. However, it’s the second half that really gets people. The second half revolves around the 2 main protagonists and explains why the main female, Rikka, talks about magic and looks like Misaki Mei from Another. The story gets to the point where it grips you into it and never lets you go, sending the viewer into a turmoil of emotions, and wanting to know what happens in the next episode. That being said, the story’s “magic” element falls into the category of OP’ness, where the fighting scenes, (yes, there are fighting scenes), are so unneeded and insane, that it’s hilarious. Due to its nature, it’s easy to forget that you’re watching a romantic comedy when that kind of stuff happens.


Other then the 2 main protagonists, the rest of the “main” cast have nothing. When I mean by that, I mean that the rest of the cast have very little in terms of character development. rikka-takanashi-love-chunibyo-and-other-delusions-6-03The story revolves around Rikka and Yuuta, the 2 main characters. Because of that, the rest of the main cast sort of, help out and push the story along. That’s not to say they’re some background character. While for the most part, they only play a specific role, the rest of the main cast actually does have a proper backstory, and reasoning for actually being here. togashi-yuuta-image-togashi-yuuta-36129222-1280-720They are well rounded and well done as other characters, mostly because they have also had or have a histoy with Chuunibyou. Yuuta, being the main male, has a history as Dark Flame Master, or DFM. Wanting to forget his past, he does everything he can to go and forget it, until he meets Rikka, and his plan falls apart… Rikka, Mei’s little sister/twin moe whatever. Main female! As the center of this show, she doesn’t appear to be as important as she really is. As the Wicked Eye, she searches for the Etheral Horizon for a specific thing that she must do.

Art and sound:

True Love, everyone.

The art in this anime, could arguably be a cross between K-on, Another, and Angel Beats, as this is another one of KyoAni’s works. That being said, the anime does have a very cutesy feel to it, prominent whenever the main heroine gets abused. Another thing to note is that the “weapons” that are in this anime, are extremely detailed and look awesome! (just putting that in there). The music in this anime feel…very blah. It’s not the most best thing to listen feel due to its generic feel.

Personal enjoyment:

Ok Pyra, why do you like this anime so much? It’s because, moe! Kidding.  The thing that I love about this show is the deep meaning in it. While it’s cutesy and fun with all the magic and make-believe, the story itself, especially in the latter half, has more impact and becomes meaningful. As a result, the story becomes more gripping, telling me that I want to know what happens next. The comedy itself is pretty good to. However, if there was anything that would make me not like this, it would be the romantic aspect and ending. The romantic aspect was prominent, but it wasn’t as intense as I would’ve liked in a romantic comedy. To me, the romantic aspect seemed as a side plot and only was used to bolster the relationship the 2 had, but it was still there, so I’m happy. (personal complaint) For the ending, it sort of ended as a bit of a disappointment with how there was no collective end to it. That being said, it leaves open for a sequel, which…I think is coming. Anyway, Chuunibyou is a fun and cute anime with a real meaning to it. I enjoyed it well, and KyoAni should be proud with itself for what its done.

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