Sora no Otoshimono Review

Editor’s Note:  This is the first review I ever made.  As such, it is very short, very crude, and I had to make some edits to make what I said at the time flow better.

Sora no otoshimono, or Heaven’s lost property is a somewhat unique harem show. Because of the interesting and serious storyline, I find myself really…disturbed. I will explain.



While for the most part, this anime does have serious side to it and has a very gripping overarching plot.  However, the amount of fanservice the show has detracts from a lot of the show’s attempts at being more serious. Sora no Otoshimono has to be one of the biggest fanservice animes out there, next to High School of the Dead. They devote entire episodes to fanservice, and can really turn a viewer away.


The characters are pretty…well…platonic. While for the most part they don’t change and they don’t hinder the plot in any way, the lack of change doesn’t really make them interesting. However, only the main female who’s arc is named after really only changes character-wise in the series.

Sound and art:

The art is adequate and pleasing to the eye. They especially put great detail on the wings in the series and make the characters more…well, angel-like. e99ce1c6dd180d5da31bdc72890fba4488ca8265_hqThere is also the comical chibi aspect which becomes very prominent in fanservice episodes that tell the viewer what to come. (This is a warning if you plan to watch this.) For sound, the general sound in the anime itself isn’t very note-worthy. The opening however is very upbeat and can guarantee at least a little bit of finger tapping along with the beat.

Personal enjoyment:

While blocking out every single fanservice episode that existed in this anime, (I count at least half of it.) Sora no Otoshimono in my opinion, has a good plot. The mysteries, the questions, all of it is very intriguing and personally, I can’t wait to watch more of this…probably while blocking out what horrible mental images I have been shown.

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