Meikyuu Black Company Review

Ah, capitalism. The main driving force that keeps the world’s engine running as society drives itself into the ground for the sake of making a quick buck at the cost of both its workers who make pitiful wages and the environment who suffers long-term damage as a result of our glorious industrial and globalization age. Too much? Well if this show wasn’t something of a meta-commentary itself, I wouldn’t be making an existential crisis opening paragraph now would I?

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The Aria Anime Series: A Retrospective

When I first heard about the Aria series, the adaptation for it had already reached its supposed conclusion with Origination, its third season, and for about an entire year from 2015-2016, I had sunk myself into the world of Neo-Venezia and the waters that had housed the Undines that would be our star players in this adventure. Now at what is hopefully the final chapter of the series with Crepuscolo, I think it’s time to rewind a little bit and reflect on what this simple story on the water really means to me.

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Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy Review

You know what? I am satisfied. Not because this show is good or anything profound like that, but because I’ve actually enjoyed myself after having had a pretty large dry spell between the last trashy harem I liked to this trashy harem I like. And my god, you just had to get both Matsuoka Yoshitsugu and Shimazaki Nobunaga in this thing too now didn’t you?

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