Paripi Koumei Review

If this show’s telling me anything, it’s that P.A. works is really good at adapting shows. But terrible at making their own in-house ones. This is like the third adaption in a row they’ve knocked it out of the park, and if those aren’t results, I don’t know what is.

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Spy x Family Review

I’m at a point in watching anime where I’m starting to feel bad for the popular shows that fall out of favor once the season ends. Because as good as Spy x Family is, seeing it fall to the wayside now that its time in the limelight is over is…disheartening to say the least

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Ousama Ranking Review

There was once a boy named Bojji, who walked the streets with no clothes. Despite his appearance, Bojji was a prince, and aspired to fulfill the duty of his people and become a worthy king following in the literal giant footsteps of his father. But the world wasn’t kind to Bojji, for he was deaf and knew little of the world beyond his reach. But if he was, for a moment, showed even a little bit of kindness, then he would surely return that noble deed tenfold and defend those that needed help, no matter who they were.

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Taishou Otome Otogibanashi Review

I want to preface this by saying that this is a HISTORICAL piece of fiction. Meaning that the customs, cultures, and events of the story are both integral to the plot and very outdated for the modern era. Because this is a point that I’m going to be talking about at length and for the most part, does affect my feelings towards the show.

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